abandoned room

Do you feel as I used to. As if you were living in a room beside sound. A room down the hall from visions and dreams calling again. I sang the crooked image to you. Perhaps that is what finally made the difference in you. Changed your heart from one element to another. Do you feel as if the world once wandering living next to you had now become either this or that. Something undetermined, undermined, undeterred now that you have been set free. Now that I no longer hold your hands. Now that you can run as fast as you can into black nights, over unseen cliffs. To leap … To be, to live into the open sky.


Once I wake your ghost will I again move in some direction. Some hours move only in a circle and I end by walking again from where I began. There are certain confusions when I think these days of you. Telescoped viewpoints. There is a reluctance to say your name too loudly at night. A torment, or did I mean to say a torrent, to find some image of you in the daytime. I want to move. Forward or backward, the diffference is that it will not be in a circle. I will not be moving in a circle. I will be asleep and you shall wake.


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