Erlend Mørk

Images: Erlend Mørk

Music: Eno/Fripp, Ankaa

“My inspiration comes from an obsession with philosophy and looking behind and beyond everyday life as it appears to us, i.e. the usual existential questions. My works are symbolic representations of my views and reflections about these. The creatures in my works are as such mad, lost or isolated, in search of some absolute among the relative, trying to know an objective truth, or just become complete nihilists.
To create my photographs I interweave dozens of different exposures which in the end becomes one surreal image. The scenes are easily recognizable but the dreamy metaphysics allows me to illustrate psychological or spiritual issues. In this I am self taught since the academies don’t teach anything but how to get away with arbitrary trash, march to the drum and beg for stipends.
I probably have a disposition to dwell on ‘darker’ subjects, and it just might show in my images. Perhaps just a pathological response to the dogmas that are forced on us, the common answers to existence that are founded on nothing but how it is felt, what is traditional, what is moral, how it should be. Unlike what the current Zeitgeist dictates I don’t worship relativity even if we can only have an imperfect understanding of the absolute.
I reject most modern and avant-garde art, in other words, almost all the art that is seen, which is dependent upon time, context, consensus and stupefying vanity. I’m not headed for the instituted art world, I’m born of the underground and compare my work to the art of all centuries, or everything else, like a poem or a pocket calculator. Good things.
Anyhow, I don’t like to explain my images very much. I intend to let them stand or fall by themselves”.


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