dream II

I was very ill and everyone asked me to take a rest. No one succeeded to induce me. Finally a Woman said: “I will go with you. Will you go?” We went. We tramped together day and night. In the mountains. Over snow. In the moonlight. In the glaring sun. We had no food. No word was said. The Woman grew paler and paler as the days and nights passed by. She could hardly walk. I helped her. And still no word was uttered. Finally the Woman collapsed and she said, in a voice hardly audible: “Food — Food — I must have food.” And I answered: “Food — Food –, Child, we are in a world where there is no Food — just Spirit — Will.” And the Woman looked piteously at me and said, half dead: “Food — Food” – and I kissed the Woman, and as I did that there stood before the Woman all sorts of wonderful food — on a simple wooden table, and it was Springtime. And as the Woman began to eat ravenously — conscious of nothing but Nature’s Cry for Food, I slipped away. And I continued walking Onward. —— I heard a distant cry. I awoke.

Alfred Stieglitz, One Hour Sleep: Three Dreams, 1915


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