“[o]ur greatest poet in French is Ghérasim Luca — of course, he is from Romania.  Luca knows how to stammer not just words, but language itself; he invented it.” ~ Gilles Deleuze

I flora you
you fauna me

I flesh you
I door you
and window you
you bones me
you ocean me
you courage me
you meteor me

I gold key you
I extraordinary you
you paroxysm me

you paroxysm
and paradox me
I harpsichord you
you silently me
you mirror me
I wristwatch you

you mirage me
oasis me
you bird
cataract me

I lunar you
you cumulus me
you high tide me
I transparent you
you twilight me
translucent me
you empty castle
and maze me
and parabola me
you horizontal
and vertical me
you oblique me

I equinox you
I poet you
you dance me
I particular you
you perpendicular
and mezzanine me

you visible me
silhouette me
you infinite me
indivisible me
you irony me

I fragile you
and ardent you
I phonetically you
you hieroglyph me

you space me
and cascade me
I cascade you
in turn but you

you fluid me

you comet me

you volcanic me

we pulverize each other

we scandalously each other
night and day
we each other this very day
you tangent me
I concentric you

you soluble me
you insoluble me
you asphyxiating
and liberating me
you heart-beat me

you dizzy me
ecstasy me
you passionately
and absolute me
I absent you
you absurd me

I nostril you hair you
and hip you
you haunt me
I breast you
I chest your breast then guise you
I corset you
you odor me you dizzy me
you slide
I thigh you caress you
I quiver you
you stride me
you unbearable me
I amazon you
I throat you stomach you
skirt you
garter you stockings you I Bach you
yes I Bach you for harpsichord breast and flute


I trembling you
you seduce me absorb me
I dispute you
I risk you I climb you
you skim me
I swim you
but you, you swirl me
you graze me you circle me
you flesh leather skin and bite me
you black lace me
you red slipper me
and when you do not heel my senses
you crocodile them
you whale them you fascinate them
you cover me
I discover you invent you
sometimes you uncover yourself

you moist lips me
I deliver and delirious you
you delirious and passionate me
I shoulder you and vertebra you I ankle you
eyelash and pupil you
and if I do not scapula before my lungs
even after you armpit me
I breathe you
night and day I breathe you
I mouth you
I palate you I tooth and claw you
vulva and eyelid you
I breath you
groin you
blood you neck you
I calves you I certain you
I cheek and vein you

I hands you
sweat you
tongue you
nape you
I sail you
I shadow you I body and ghost you
I retina you in my breath
you iris yourself

I write you
you think me

Ghérasim Luca

From Prendre Corps, Paralipomènes, translated by Michael Tweed and Raphaëlle Dedourge


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